Los Angeles Senior Living

We would like to extend our appreciation for the outstanding Open House event that Claremont Manor prepared for our mother.  The entire event, from the invitations to clean up time was beyond our expectations.  All the staff was helpful, anticipatory, and supportive of Elsie’s desire to host a special experience for her friends and family to become acquainted with her new home. Mom’s guests were impressed with the wonderful food and beverages that were prepared and beautifully presented,  and the skillful professionalism and kindness evidenced by all the Claremont Manor staff with whom they encountered throughout the day.  Mom is so pleased with the care and personal touch of which she has been provided since moving in to the Manor, and we have confidence in its lovely, safe environment.  We would like to specifically extend our appreciation for all of the outstanding servers who were so gracious.  David and Teresa and family

Dear Claremont Manor,   On behalf of my Mother…and sister… I would like to thank you and your staff for your many kindnesses in helping Mother move to the Manor.  The package you offered helped her to decide to move earlier than she planned, which as it turned out was necessary… Gentle Transitions gave Mother some much needed guidance in placing furnishings.  My sister has praised the packers and movers for their sensitive and expert handling.  Everything arrived safe and sound, even the most delicate objects.  We are very pleased with the upgrades and finishing touches in her apartment.  She has spoken frequently of enjoying walking around the beautiful grounds and the excellent food.  On one occasion, kitchen staff even prepared a picnic lunch for her to take out.  Manor staff has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions, and she’s only been there two months!  My sister and I are very pleased that Mother has selected Claremont Manor, where she can be among old friends and new acquaintances.  – Anne from Carlsbad, CA

Dear Miranda,  Thank you for your generous and gentle approach to introducing our family to Claremont Manor.  We are all impressed with your facilities, services, and community spirit.  It will be a pleasure to accompany our mama in moving there.  – Colleen from Newbury Park, CA

What I love most about Claremont Manor is more than just one thing. I truly love the staff that we have, the kids in the dining room are a kick, the food is excellent and it’s just a lovely place to be. – Josephine P Fulton

One thing that surprised me about Claremont Manor is the wide variety of backgrounds of the people who live here and the diversity of their interests. – George C. Whipple

What I like about Claremont Manor the most is the people that live here and also the different perks that we have, the concerts that we have, I guess the most enjoyable thing is my Sundays. I love music anyway and we have a gentleman that plays here from 2-4 on Sunday and I enjoy that so much. – Pauline Cullers